Why A Fast and Responsive Website Is A Must

Instant gratification has become a cultural norm these days. We have technology to help us with almost everything. And this fast-paced existence has literally caused our attention spans to shrink significantly. Research states that the average person now has an attention span of only 8.25 seconds.

You may be pondering on what this has to do with digital marketing. So, let’s break it down for you…

When this low-attention trend translates to the online world of digital marketing it means you have an average of ten seconds or less to make a lasting impression on users visiting your website.

If you fail to dazzle them or at least keep them interested they will get bored and move on to another site. With each second that passes you’re at risk of losing a potential customer if your website is slow and unresponsive.

What Exactly Is Website Speed About?

Defining website speed is easy because it’s exactly what it sounds like. Website speed is a measurement of how fast your site loads in response to an online request (like a Google search).It’s an extremely important part of the online user experience because websites that are optimized for speed result in happy users. And these happy users will spend more time on your website.

What Is Website Responsiveness?

Website responsiveness refers to how a website adapts and changes according to the tech being used to access and display it.

Responsive websites are designed to give users across all devices the same, high quality experience when visiting the site. Things like orientation, images, text size and general layouts are designed to changes in relation to the device that is being used to view the site.

A responsive website will look great on desktop computers, laptops any smart device you can think of.

Why Speed and Responsiveness Are A Must

In digital marketing we can never over emphasize the importance of speed. With the ever-changing landscape of business, companies are constantly optimizing their SEO strategies, updating their marketing campaigns, creating awesome content and doing whatever else it takes to stay relevant in everything they do.

This applies to website speed and responsiveness too because in today’s tech-based world your website is an extension of your brand.

Here are a few reasons why a fast and responsive website is a must:

  • Keeping Up with The Competition

It’s a well-known fact that businesses have always been in close competition with regard to marketing and customer acquisition. Everyone is constantly doing whatever they can to prove that they are the best. The same applies to website speed and responsiveness. If your site isn’t operating efficiently and effectively, a competitor site probably will.

  • People Will Expect It

We live in a world of fast paced consumerism. People are consuming information, changing trends and breaking news at lightening. They get bored easily and are always on the lookout for the “next big thing”.  Because of these brands / businesses must work quickly to satisfy the instant need for more. If you don’t, people will move on to a new brand, product or service without a second thought. It’s also worth noting that as your brand meets expectations, you set a precedent which makes speed and responsiveness even more necessary.

  • Culture of Speed

So far, we’ve managed to make having a fast, responsive website sound extremely tedious and exhausting. But it’s a hugely beneficial trend that all businesses need to embrace. When brands work quickly and efficiently, they naturally evolve faster too. Once this becomes a normal way of doing things, it’s easier to maintain. This will naturally create a culture of speed and efficiency where standards are high – if not higher – than those of consumers.

In Summary…

Website speed and responsiveness generally work together. If your website is responsive it won’t take ages to load. It’s that simple.

So it doesn’t matter if you’re a worldwide corporation, a small business or a freelancer – your website speed and responsiveness plays an important part in growing your business and evolving as a digital brand.

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