When You Decide the Mobile Platform for App Building

You might have this brilliant idea for your audience. And you will want to actualize it soon. But amongst the aspects to cover, there’s one final thing that you need to decide: choosing the platform for your app building and development as we know that the top operating systems are iOS and Android. When you are between them, it is often hard to decide. You won’t be able to develop your project until you make the solid decision. Or perhaps, should you use the cross-platform app? But before making your decision, you will want to consider a few factors below.

The app category

It is an easy one. You will want to choose if your app is game, social, productivity, or another app category.Many people use Android for gaming and socializing. Meanwhile, iPhone users like to download different apps from game to productivity. But it can work vice versa in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The consumer base

When we talk about the consumer base, we could agree that more people are using Android than iOS. Let’s talk about more specifics. The market share of iOS and Android are 15% and 85%. That means only 2 of 10 people are using iOS. However, the lower number of iOS users do not justify the poor prospect for your app. If your target audience is from the US, UK, or Australia, having the iOS app will give you a better chance. FYI, Android is a popular choice in Europe, Asia, and Africa.

The user’s statistics

The demographic factor of the users plays a pivotal role in choosing your app platform. According to the statistics, people with lower income tend to use Android devices. Higher income group is significant to the iOS market. But of course, the statistics would be different from one country to another. The key here is to read the dynamicity of the demographic factors and decide what’s more prevalent for the data given to you.

The budget on the mobile app development

It is important to know that developing a mobile app is not a cheap business. Hiring the developer team could cost you a fortune. Development for cross-platform can be 40% more expensive than single-platform development. If you have a small budget, you need to decide one. If you have an ample budget, investing for cross-platform might be a wise option.

The revenue

Of course, you will want your apps to make the money flow to your bank. Ios users are spenders. They tend to make in-app purchases. For instance, they’d prefer to listen to their favorite songs on paid platforms like iTunes. Android users, on the other hand, tend to use the free app, although there have been significant numbers of users who purchase in-app service.

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