What’s up with the Pixel 4? Latest Rumors

One of the most anticipated devices of 2019, without a doubt, is the Pixel 4. The prime Android flagship, the device series is well familiar with smartphone enthusiast to be able to deliver one of the cleanest Android experiences on the market. With that said, it’s not hard to note on why the Pixel 4 is so anticipated.

What’s true and what isn’t?

Of course, where there is hype, there are always rumors to follow along. This statement is further multiplied by ten, when it comes to the smartphone market. Ever since the days of the early rumors with the release of each iPhone, nowadays it is pretty much compulsory that if there is a flagship to be announced in the year, that rumors will follow.

Ditching the Notch for a Hole?

One of the biggest downsides of the Pixel 3 in terms of the design of the device was without a doubt the notch. The huge notch became under scrutiny from smartphone enthusiasts and while most laughed it off, due to the other amazing features of the flagship, ultimately Google seems to have listened to the feedback. This year, the Pixel 4 is heavily rumored to ditch the notch. In fact, with the latest Pixel 4 renders that have leaked, the Pixel 4 is showcased to rather feature a punch hole camera.

A Definite Q?

With the release date of the Pixel 4 being rumored to be around October, 2019, it is not far from the ordinary that Google will most probably try to push the latest version of Android to the device as well. Earlier this month, Google unveiled the developer preview of Android Q and if releases follow the same patterns as previous years, which they most probably will, chances are the Pixel 4 will most definitely sport the latest Android Q version right out of the box.

Snap the Dragon?

When it comes to the actual specifications of the Pixel 4, the rumors get a bit more blurry. While it can easily be argued that the phone will implement the Snapdragon 855, it is uncertain whether or not this will be the case. The ROM and the RAM are also under question. With Samsung releasing a 1TB smartphone, the Pixel 4 might go the extra length to have a 1TB version as well. Yet, chances are, the most affordable version will still feature 128 GB like most flagships of 2019.

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