Using a Smartphone: 9 Habits That Spoil Your Life

Almost every technology has two opposing sides. For example, a smartphone gives a modern person many advantages in all areas of life: at home, at work, and especially on vacation. With it, housewives can find tasty recipes, businessmen can send presentations to their official partners, and travelers can book Dodge Challenger rental in Chicago.

Unfortunately, a smartphone has not only advantages. It can greatly ruin the life of an unwary user. How exactly? Check out 9 smartphone-related habits that spoil people’s lives.

Too frequent checking of messages and notifications

Mindlessly distracted by checking messages, you drop out of the ‘streaming’ state and lose the ability to concentrate. According to many experts, this behavior prevents the user from being in the ‘here and now’. This negatively affects the quality of both work and leisure.

Fortunately, there’s a good solution to the problem. It’s recommended to disable all possible notifications, including notifications from social networks – so that your smartphone in vain doesn’t distract you from the real world.


Attempts to capture everything

One of the advantages of modern smartphones is high-quality cameras. Alas, the constant presence of a camera in your pocket made users a bad habit of photographing everything in the world.

Instead of just enjoying a pleasant moment, a person grabs a gadget, and thereby deprives himself of the opportunity to feel life for real.

Life on social networks

Social networks are a topic for another discussion, but the smartphone made them much more accessible. In order to get to Facebook, a modern user doesn’t even need to turn on a computer – it’s enough just to pick up a smartphone.

Thus, such accessibility leads to the fact that a person begins to be interested in the lives of other people more than his own.


Passion for the gadget to the detriment of real communication

Perhaps, this is one of the most obvious problems. Of course, you more than once met the companies in which everyone is sitting and looking at their smartphones, instead of just talking to each other. Obviously, this behavior doesn’t contribute to social life, and this is another bad news for the users of smartphones.

Avoiding loneliness

A modern person perceives a smartphone as an interlocutor with many faces, and since the gadget is always nearby, then the feeling of loneliness disappears. After all, on the other side of the display there is always someone with whom you can exchange a couple of phrases.

Meanwhile, loneliness is not always bad. It gives a person the opportunity to think on his own life, as well as to reflect on any problems. Perhaps, this is why customers are so eager to avoid it.


Excessive use of electronic assistants

Experts warn against excessive enthusiasm for applications designed to increase your productivity. The fact is that various diaries and reminder services can really make you more effective and punctual.

But relying on such electronic helpers, the user gradually loses the ability to think with his head. Indeed, take the electronic diary from person – and he will no longer know what to do. It’s obvious that you need to maintain efficiency not with the help of applications, but with the right thinking.

Application surfing

Very often, users fall into the trap by launching one application after another. You look at your smartphone to check the weather, but then you decide to check your mail, scroll through the news feed and so on. Specialists warn against this behavior and recommend using a smartphone to perform specific tasks only.


Using your smartphone at night

Although we live in a world of technology, our bodies are not fit for it. The human body was shaped by evolution for life in the rhythm of the sun. Therefore, the bright blue light of a smartphone, similar to daylight, confuses our brain, affecting the body’s production of the sleep hormone melatonin.

If you use your smartphone at night or late in the evening, the hands of your biological clock move, impairing the quality of sleep. Scientists recommend not using smartphones after dusk. In case such a need arises, use applications that change the gamut of the display to a warmer one

Loss of ability to wonder

Thanks to smartphones, we at any moment have access to a huge knowledge base of all mankind. No matter how cool it sounds, it also has a negative effect.

Modern man simply loses the ability to be surprised, and if nothing surprises you, then the colors of the world may become less bright. According to scientists, this fact can reduce creativity and impair imagination. Therefore, people with creative professions are advised to spend less time on smartphones. Although this also applies to all people who use their smartphone too often and intensively.

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