Top 6 Most USELESS GADGETS You Find In a Car

If you are in Los Angeles for the first time ever, you may not know where to go and what to see. It’s rather useless to spend your trip wandering around the huge and unknown city. The city is big, no doubts, and has much to see. Go to visit Los Angeles Art District or pack to Hollywood. If you still didn’t get what you expected, you should go to the beaches of Santa Monica. Of course, you can make up your own list, but you badly need a car to start traveling.

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If you are 19 already you can try to rent a vehicle for traveling. All you need is a valid driver’s license, a credit card, and a year of driving experience minimum. Actually, you can rent a car from all the companies according to their rental policies. Do you want a surprise? Additional fees may apply if you are under 25 driver. That’s why young people are not sure about their vacation rental.

The answer is YES! You should rent a car in LAX under 25! Different companies have different rental limits. And the young driver’s fee is not that big to refuse from driving. You have freedom to go wherever you want and see many interesting places. If you want any additional option, ask your rental manager about it. Simply, go online and get a car rental app on your phone to get the best deal ever even for your young age! That’s amazing!

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There are many interesting gadgets that can be useful during the trip. Most car gadgets are quite simply awesome. That’s so cool to have TV or massage seats. It can be also entertaining to use a car sensor panel to listen to music or watch films. Also, there are many interesting car gadgets that are absolutely useless. Here is a list of absurdly useless car devices.

  1. Do you need a French fry holder?

Of course, all people like eating fries. Is it such an important part of your daily ration that you can’t live without during the trip even when driving? It is better to eat fresh and healthy food at the roadside cafe than eating fast food when driving. Pack chicken sandwiches and nuts and you will never need a French fries holder.

  1. Do you really need the car automatic wipers?

You may think that you need them a lot. The idea of having an automatic window cleaner sounds pretty attractive. From the other hand, it is pretty easy to turn the wipers when you need it. But people prefer using gadgets that make their life even easier. The problem is the automatic wipers don’t work properly. And you will spend much time for fighting the system.

  1. Do you like motorized seatbelts?

Again, it sounds fantastic! But as the practice shows, not everything that is motorized works well. The belts often got gummed up and you have to waste much time to get away of your seat if you need to go out and see something interesting in LA. .

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  1. What are you going to do with the proximity warning system?

This system gives you a signal when you are too close to another car or any other object. It warms and makes a noise. But it would be better if the system indicates where the object really is. Because it looks really weird when you hear the noise and start panic, looking for the dangerous object or objects around. It makes you crazy.

  1. Do you need the automatic headlamps?

Automatic headlamps? It sounds not bad, especially when you are too lazy to turn on the lamps. But the system often doesn’t work properly and turn on the lamps automatically when your car gets into the shadow of a building. It irritates a lot.

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  1. How about the interior map lights?

Interior lights help a lot when you need to find something in your car at dark time. You can find many rental cars equipped with extra lights called map reading lights. Are they useless? Honestly, they don’t give you much light and really useless.

So, do you really believe that a French fries holder is what you need in the car? Actually, when renting a car, you can’t choose what is inside of it. But you should know which car gadgets are really useful and which are not. But now it’s your turn to think. If you find these devices quite useful, you can buy them to equip your own car. If you think these car gadgets are quite useless, just don’t mind if you find them in your rental car. At least, you know how to use these gadgets and what problems they can cause if work not good. Have a nice weekend!

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