TOP 3 Food Delivery Apps in America! Choose ONE!

Living in such a big city as New York, you DO realize what the time is really worth. You can be busy with your job or vacation and have no time for many interesting activities that you always wanted to try. Don’t be surprised but your phone has many helpful options such as city map, SOS button, easy shopping, make up helper. You can book tickets to Hawaii and contact to rental car in JFK on return to take the cheapest vehicle to get home or continue your journey by car all over the country. Also, your phone will serve you to find the fastest meal delivery from a good restaurant! Yeah, you can forget about fast food eateries! Whenever your favorite restaurant is, you can deliver some food from there and enjoy your meal.

But if you are a fan of unhealthy pleasures from the King Burger or McDonald’s, it’s not actually a problem at all. Try to pick a good application that brings you some food from there.




  1. Caviar

This application with such an extravagant name is available for all American citizens. You can book something from the restaurants’ menu and get it quickly! All you need is just create your account and give such information as your contact number, e-mail, delivery address. It takes less than a minute! Do you want your food delivered even faster? Circle your location and Caviar will give you a list of all nearby restaurants. Just look through their menus, prices. If you don’t want to pay for the delivery, you can ask for food to take away. Just pick a restaurant, make an order, and drive your car to take your food away. If you don’t like restaurants in your area, you can extend the field of search and find something really special.

The restaurants with more than 30 unique cuisines are available. Some of them are available only on Caviar. To make an order, just tape any dish from the menu and add it to your purchase. The app offers many helpful delivery options like Free Delivery, Fast Booking, the Cheapest Dishes, Healthy Food. Also, you can classify your pre-order by such categories as Thai food, Pizza, Vegan food, Chicken, and others. When you complete your order you can check the delivery time and follow your order step by step.

Definitely worth it


  1. UberEats

Uber apps are good for both Android and iOS platforms. The application gives you an opportunity to order food from the popular city restaurants, cafes, and popular grocery shops. Of course, if you are very hungry and don’t want to wait long, you can find the restaurant in your location. Choose carefully! You may order something from the new added restaurants or popular restaurant chains. If the name of the restaurant tells you nothing, you can pick food by one of more than 70 food categories. Don’t worry if you need something from dietary food. It would be even faster to book dinner if you know clearly what your order will include.

How does it work? Traditionally, just tap and add one or another food item to your bill. Then go to View Order and check the price, your address, time, and delivery fee. You may pay from your Uber account if you have such a possibility.



  1. DoorDash

This application is available all over the USA and Canadian territory. It runs well on Android or iOS platforms. It’s hard to believe but more than 100 000 of restaurants are represented here. Just fill in your profile with such useful information as your name, contact number, delivery address. If you have any specific features like a pink roof or stony balcony, you can mention them all. It can help to find your place faster.

The application is simple in how it goes. You can find a big choice of restaurants, free delivery or restaurant specific. You shouldn’t pick dishes by their names only. It is more comfortable to look through the food pictures first. Some of them look really mouth-watering. Aren’t you hungry? If you are not, you can use DoorDash to book something to drink or snack. Tap any items to add it to your order.

Finally, go to the View Order and check your reservation carefully. Thus, you should check the price, delivery expenses, time and your address. Door Dash includes the restaurants of different categories and price policies. If you are not sure about your booking, check the information from the restaurant’s webpage.

You’ve read about 3 popular apps in New York. People don’t have time for running from a restaurant to restaurant looking for the most attractive price for dinner this evening. Just use your phone and get ready for taking food soon. Have a tasty evening!

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