Samsung Galaxy S10e Might be the Best Option to Buy

The argument of smartphone flagship devices becoming more and more of a status symbol than an actual technological upgrade is more than obvious. While it can’t be argued that chipsets are improving, as cameras do as well, it is becoming difficult to recognize an actual improvement in functionality that is worth the hefty price tag. Of course, this has been true for more than a couple of years, but it is even more notable in 2019. With that being said, the Samsung Galaxy S10e might be the best purchase of the year in terms of smartphones.

A Status Symbol with Enough Features

The first and the biggest thing to note is that the Galaxy S10e does come with the Galaxy S series status symbol attached to it. While the most affordable of the bunch, the S10e still boasts the same sleek and notable design as its bigger brothers, making it a true piece of jewelry.

On top of that, the S10e still features the blazing dynamic AMOLED screen that Samsung is well known for. Although coming at a slightly lower size of 5.8 inches, its rounded bezels make it almost undistinguishable at a first glance from the S10.

S10e Specs are more than enough

Coming equipped with the Snapdragon 855 in the US market and the Exynos 9820 in the European market, the S10e holds up its ground with the best of flagships of 2018 and some of 2019. With both an 8GB RAM, 256 GB ROM and a 6GB RAM, 128GB ROM the smartphone further separates itself from other mid-rangers.

The S10e camera is another place where the smartphone doesn’t disappoint. With a variable aperture in the back and a second ultrawide and a single wide 10MP camera on the front, you can rest assured that both your selfies and nature photos would be more than worthy of any social media channel.

Worth the price

Ultimately, the Samsung Galaxy S10e is a perfect addition to the S-family series of smartphones. It allows for people to both benefit from the status symbol that owning an S-series phone brings, while delivering a near-flagship experience on all fronts. A definite must for those considering purchasing a new smartphone in 2019, the S10e might very well be one of the best marketing moves made by Samsung to up its ante on the sales front.

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