Mobile Technology: 6 Ways to Use It When Traveling

Today travelers can’t imagine a vacation without a smart mobile device, be it a smartphone or a tablet. This is caused not only by the desire to stay in touch with loved ones. Modern mobile devices allow you to solve a wide range of tasks. 

You can rent a van USA to travel with family or friends, navigate the area, book a hotel room, and much more. The main thing is to have the necessary software on your smartphone. 

This article summarizes the current and emerging ways to use mobile technology in travel. Of course, the list is far from exhaustive, as innovations in this area are being introduced at an ultra-fast pace!

  • Mapping and navigation services

With the increase in the performance of mobile devices and satellite navigation technology, it has become much more convenient to use mobile applications for viewing maps of the area, navigating, and finding the necessary objects. 

One of them is Google Maps. This application provides the ability to search for various establishments, their details, and ratings. Also, you can post your own ratings and leave feedback, find great deals, get directions, and also receive live information about the traffic situation. 

Map services and navigation are especially useful when you are traveling in a rental car and need to plan your own route.

  • Mobile guides

Almost every major travel destination has its own mobile travel guide. Such applications allow you to plan a route with directions along the way, find the necessary information about local attractions, as well as reserve a room in a hotel, and view public transport timetables. These travel guides become a powerful tool in the hands of the traveler. 

An example of such a solution can be voice information and a reference system using the service for determining the location of the subscriber. When registering an incoming call, the system determines the location of the caller and, depending on the geographical point, offers to receive information about the city as a whole or about nearby sights. The service is controlled using the mobile phone keyboard and the voice menu. 

Some of the apps are multimedia guides that provide audio and video information as well as photographs of various attractions. 

In many cities, you will see signs with QR codes installed on cultural and historical sites. The code leads to a web with a description of the object. In addition to landmarks, codes can be placed on buildings of hotels, guest houses, theaters, and restaurants.

  • Rental car and hotel reservation services

Today, a car rental is the best way to travel wherever you go. Even if you need to pick up a rental car for the disabled, you will get what you want by using your mobile device. The main thing is to have the right application installed in it. 

Car rental apps allow you to find the best car for your special needs, thereby guaranteeing a successful trip. Just enter the desired location and the period of your journey, and you will get all the options available. 

The same applies to hotel room search services. It won’t be difficult for you to book hotel accommodation via your smartphone. Modern applications are able to find all available offers and compare them with each other. As a result, you get the best deal at the best price.

  • Travel organizer

Mobile applications can greatly facilitate both the preparation for the trip and help out in case of loss of documents or other emergencies. In the first case, the program will control the preparation for the trip, offering universal lists of things to take with you. This will make you less likely to forget something important. 

In the second case, some applications will help protect you from losing important documents, phone numbers, addresses, etc. For example, the TripIt app collects and structures all the information you need about your trip, including transfers, accommodations, and places you’ve visited. Based on this data, you can always remember where you were and what you did.

  • Augmented reality systems

One of the most futuristic and at the same time useful technologies for accompanying travelers is augmented reality (AR) systems. With the help of special software, the reality is supplemented with various virtual elements. 

For example, by pointing the camera of your favorite gadget at any sight, you can immediately receive brief information about it, view archived photos, videos, etc. The rich possibilities of this technology are opening up in various areas of the travel industry. 

You can take advantage of it especially at airports. You will quickly receive information on how to get to the baggage claim area, or where to find a car rental counter.

  • Hotel service management 

All major hotels strive to make your stay as comfortable as possible. As a result, mobile applications are replacing the already familiar electronic keys. 

For example, OpenWays offers technology compatible with all mobile phones. It allows you to bypass the hotel reception and safely use you smartphone as an electronic key. 

While in the room, you can also use a mobile device as a remote control for a TV, air conditioner, and other devices, control lighting, order food to the room, taxi, spa services, dry cleaning, etc.


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