Huawei’s Mate X Beating Samsung At Their Own Game

It’s not surprising to see companies innovating with new and exciting phone designs, as technology makes it possible to do so. In fact, with the firm support of Alphabet’s Android, the foldable revolution is but expected.

However, Huawei holding the torch is albeit surprising.

The Samsung “Surprise” Galaxy Fold

This year’s Unpacked showcased one of the biggest problems with the marketing of Samsung devices. With the rumor mill heavily running for years, the Galaxy Fold was not only expected, but people more than had a general idea of what the device would look like.

Of course, after the first official unveil during the Samsung’s Developer conference, there were a few questions about the design of the device. Yet, the general gist of what the device will be slowed down the hype for the “folding” phone by a margin.

Huawei’s Market Entrance

The expectance of the Samsung Galaxy Fold was nothing more than a gift for other players in the industry. With people gathering around the “fold” craze, yet being untouched by Samsung’s entrance, due to initial information, the stage was set for other manufacturers.

Among them, Xiaomi showcased a relatively creative take on the fold with their Mi Fold. Folding the side of the phones to reveal a tablet is an accepted change to the status quo. LG and Motorola are also expected to present interesting takes on the fold.

However, Huawei’s Mate X is by far the best looking of the bunch by a margin. During the past few years, Huawei stepped in front of a lot of phone manufacturers to become one of the biggest players in the industry. Thus, it’s not surprising that they are starting to rub elbows with Samsung.

Beating Samsung at their Own Game

Pretty much the same way Samsung started competing with Apple, a few years back, with the polish that Huawei devices now have, it’s common to see Huawei and Samsung devices compared side by side. However, with years of preparation and hype surrounding the Samsung Galaxy Fold, one would expect that it would be the best device to showcase the folding technology. At the same time, Huawei’s Mate X does appear to present itself as a more than a worthy competitor, especially in the design department.

With that said, the only item that is still to be seen is whether or not Huawei has managed to get their hands on the proper foldable technology to be able to achieve a well built device.

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