Helpful Apps For Tourists: Travel Headache-Free!

How do you feel when you are going for a trip? Of course, you are a little over excited about it! Bu when it comes to planning, you often spend much time for searching the truth and looking for assistance. Planning can be complicated. It is really difficult to plan everything in the right way, build up the route, book a hotel, flight, find a good car rental under 21 in Miami Airport. How can you manage this? Fortunately, there are many useful apps to make your planning less stressful. What are they?




  1. For Planning Trip

  • TripIt Application

Looking for the most helpful mobile help in trip planning, you’d better pay attention to Planning Trip project. The system works well on iOS and Android. You can do everything, including booking cars, hotels, restaurants. You can pick any service you need and check it with your calendar. Save confirmations on your mail and make changes in your trip plan easily, looking for the tastiest variants.

  • Roadtrippers App

This application can be named a perfect service for taking the best road trip. You can plan your rout by rental car step by step. The app can book a hotel, restaurant for dinner, organize shopping, and other activities you can meet on your way. It can be not a moment too soon when you are starving for new things to see and to visit and don’t want to limit your trip with a single tourist guide.

  1. For Finding Accommodation

  • Hotel Tonight

This application helps you with a hotel. It can be very useful for last-minute travelers. Just pick the destination and price category and enjoy the result. All available hotels are divided into different categories. You can see the latest, so-called fresh rates for each category. Watch the rates! They are very changeable. Sometimes, the price is valid for 15 minutes only! It would be unreal to catch the tastiest price on your own, if only you could spend hours and hours with your phone or laptop.

  • Airbnb

If the idea to stay in the hotel doesn’t suit your travel plans, you can try to find a home to live in. You can filter results according to the home type you need, optimal price, location. You can search only for two-rooms apartments or those which don’t require pre-approval. You can even find a home when you are on the road in your rental car. Save your time!



  1. For Getting Around Comfortably

It is important to have a couple of useful apps that can help you to differentiate the nearest money exchanging machine, travel agency, car rental office, airport navigation.

  • TripLingo Application

This application can be very helpful when you are traveling far abroad. You can avoid unpleasant situation when you need to find the way in the unknown country or just thank for something. This app is very popular when people from abroad come to the USA or Americans go to Europe. It works even offline so that you will never have problems with communications.

  • Google Maps

Even if you are a newcomer in traveling, you know Google Maps. This application is not only for travelers but for everyone who has lost his way. It’s like using a paper map but more comfortable and with tones of additional options. What options? You can draw your route from A to B with all stops, hotels, shops, and even parks for picnic. Also, you can get more information about transport and walking logistics in the city, available bike and car rental services. Do you want to find a good restaurant for tonight in Miami? Just check your location on Google Maps, find the restaurant, and go to the restaurant’s website to book a room.

  • Rental24H

You can travel around Miami without a rental car. Whenever you are, you can use Rental24H. This application helps you to find the best car for rent from different car vendors. Don’t forget about the details. Your age, driving experience, car mileage, even color means much. You can change the choice criteria to double check that you’ve picked the best car for your trip. Compare prices, check characteristics, and make a deal.

Hertz car rental office at the airport


  1. For Planning Leisure

  • Meetup App

This interesting app was specially designed for people who want to interact with locals or other tourists somehow. You can find people according to your interests, hobbies. This is how you feel like home in different countries. You can contact to people, share your interests, ideas, stories, experience. The application can show you group of people with their interests around you. Join in the group and get some help from experienced travelers, or, instead, share your knowledge.

There are so many interesting apps around. Whatever difficult situation you have on the road, you can solve it by using apps. They cannot make your trip perfect, but you may use applications to make it more comfortable. That’s so great if you don’t feel like a floppy tourist in a new city.

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