Five Unique App Ideas for Non-Coders

Designing and building up your own app sounds like a cool idea. By now you know that before designing an app you have to think about what your app can offer and how will it benefit the user. As we have all heard, “necessity is the mother of all invention” same goes for an app idea. You have to think about the purpose of the app and its need. Creating an app which is already there with a different format or layout is not enough. It will only leave you competing against other similar apps. A lot of tech geeks and software experts are coming up with new apps every day. You find thousands of apps on the app stores but only a few of them from each category really win the hearts of the users.

What is different about your app that will attract investors and push users to hit that download button? An original and unique app idea will set you apart from the competitors. However, coming up with an exclusive and original app idea is not as easy we may think. Pretty much everything seems to be taken up already. Is there really anything left to help us come up with an innovative idea? Well, creativity knows no bounds. The app ideas for non-developers mentioned below are simple and super fun but most importantly they are one of a kind. These 21 app ideas will help you set up a great venture.


There are a lot of services out there that enable individuals to trade coupons for one-for-one exchange.  Be that as it may, shouldn’t something be said about the “long tail” of coupons? The uncommon or old coupons that probably won’t be well known on a more standard coupon site will be available for purchase here. You can also add online transactions to purchase and buy coupons via adding your bank details to your account.


A goal management and sharing application that will enable you to make life goals, share them, monitor them, share your achievements with other and discover the individuals who share similar goals so users can support each other in the process of achieving those goals. This app will be a great motivator and reminder for people to accomplish their goals on time.

Book critic

It will be a survey application that will give you the chance to click a photo of the book and get different reviews in a split second from Goodreads, Amazon and many different websites to enable you to settle on the decision of whether to purchase/read the book or not.

Pay My Subscription

An app which will track and record your online membership subscriptions and monitor every one of your memberships and charges to be able to alarm you as the installment date arrives. This app will likewise have an incorporated installment framework for automatic installments of bills.

DIY Interior Design

If you are moving into a new house or looking forward to uplift and change the look of your house, then there are some outstanding and clever ideas that will help you make your house look beautiful. Virtual Interior Designer application will enable you to take an image of your room or whatever place you wish to change up and imagine it with different accessible designing options such as wall colors, textures, objects, wall stickers, blinds, furniture and so forth.

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