Fashion and Style: 5 Apps That Make Getting Dressed Easy

Today, a smartphone is not only a means of communication, or a device with a camera function. With the help of the Internet, it has become an indispensable thing. Now we can easily find a cheap tour to Cyprus, book exotic car rental at DAY airport, or reserve a room in a 5-star hotel in Dubai.

Also, a smartphone is of particular importance for modern girls.

The fact is that the pace of life is very quick, and in such a hurry it’s becoming more and more difficult to keep the high level of a stylish, well-cared and beautiful lady.

Fortunately, now the phone can easily become a personal stylist, analyst and a loyal assistant in terms of fashion and individual image. The following smartphone apps will help in this matter…


Color and You

If you still don’t know your color type, which colors adorn you, and which ones should be discarded, this application is a great start for immersion in color theory.

Navigation is very simple: just enter your parameters and the color palette will be automatically selected for you. It should be noted that each color is presented in varying degrees of saturation, which gives even greater scope for imagination. Having such a palette at hand, you don’t have to try on five identical dresses of different colors in search of the best, and in the cosmetics department you will quickly find out which palette of shadows to choose.

An additional bonus will be the availability of the Itten’s color wheel, which will make it possible to create harmonious combinations in a matter of seconds. That is, wearing a cute sweater and looking at this wheel, you will easily understand – with what color clothes you can wear it and whether those are present in your wardrobe!


The application will teach you how to make complete, vivid and memorable images, help you compose a list of only the necessary purchases, and warn against the inappropriate waste of money.

Shoplook is useful for creating not only individual images, but also a basic or capsule wardrobe. In the process of working on the collage, you can use various stylistic techniques: backgrounds, inscriptions, detailed text descriptions, and stickers.

You can create your own collages, be inspired by the creations of others, leave comments and collect likes. There are other applications with similar functionality – Fashmates and Urstyle, but Shoplook is the most understandable and easy to use.

Making collages is a very exciting and entertaining activity that doesn’t take much time, but it will bring many benefits and creative satisfaction.


Vogue Runway

Here you will find professional photographs and videos of recent fashion shows, you can consider every detail of the image, read reviews from the best stylists of the magazine and admire the courage and taste of designers.

In the application, collections of past years are perfectly systematized, thus you’ll be able to find an interesting show both by the name of the designer and by location of the show. Outfits you especially love can be added into the history of your account with one touch.

A cup of coffee and fresh looks in the Vogue Runway app are a great start to a stylish girl’s day!



This application will save you from the eternal morning problem “what to wear?” The principle of action of this service is not the simplest, but very effective. First you need to photograph all your clothes.

Yes, the process is tedious and long, but only at the beginning. As soon as your wardrobe is collected in an electronic closet, you can leisurely make a plan for a week. On Monday, the wake-up alarm will remind you in what way you want to appear today.

If you change your mind, the application offers to catch the mood and look at possible looks from your electronic wardrobe. The app also provides the ability to add clothes that are not yet in your wardrobe. In this case, it’s very convenient to evaluate the rationality of a particular purchase.

In addition, Stylicious keeps funny statistics – what clothing you wear most often, thereby calling for diversity.


The application offers a wide range of tools to find or emphasize your beauty and personality. Download a photo and try on different shades of hair, lipstick, arrow shapes for eyes, etc. In case you liked the shade of lip gloss – the application will tell the manufacturer, serial number and cost of the goods.

You can endlessly try on various forms of eyebrows, the colors of contact lenses, check ideas for everyday use or evening makeup, and even see how your face will look when gaining or losing weight.

This application allows you to save all the steps of ‘searching for yourself’, which means that the next time it will be a trifle to explain the makeup artist exactly what you want.

MakeupPlus can also be used as an outstanding option to replace portrait photo processing apps, since all filter adjusts are very natural and harmonious.

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