Elon Musk: The future of solar energy

Who is Elon Musk and his role in determining the future of solar energy? He is a successful technology entrepreneur as well as CEO of Tesla Company.  He did great innovations plus inventions and surprised the world over the last two decades. No one can deny his achievements that plays a crucial part in the life of a layman as well as for business persons. His plan is all about providing solar energy to the world for consumption instead of using electricity. He believes that the future will be safe if we use renewable energy. He established the Musk foundation in 2002 that works on renewable energy and other aspects of life.

Let us have a look at how Musk is planning to use renewable energy to power up the planet.

The first step is to increase the Tesla charging station for the electric vehicle so one can charge his vehicle within a few minutes. This plan is for 2019 in which 2600 stations will rise to 7000 stations. The second step is to Increase the production of lithium-ion batteries that can supply power to 2500 homes with the concept that these batteries will reduce one day of natural gas consumption. Musk plan is to build the world largest solar plant that will cut the 20 percent of total energy consumption of Australia, and the state will use the energy that stored. Now, Elon Musk biggest lithium-ion batteries are applying in Australia.

This is a fact about solar energy that people use less energy throughout the year as compared to the power that produces when sunlight hits the ground. Therefore, we can generate more power just by using small land on the earth surface. Another prediction he made is one can power Europe by using Spain land for generating solar energy. Moreover, he added that a little part Utah or Nevada could supply power to the whole the United States.

Till 2032, the concept of using renewable energy will gain popularity, and home roofs will be constructed using solar panel plates. This change will be positive and help the house persons to handle everything on solar energy and to save up more.

To get things done, it is necessary to develop an infrastructure that welcomes more solar plants than going for electricity lines. Elon Musk plan not to benefit the businesses or corporates in the coming future, but it will serve local communities as well. People may question the Musk predictions and doubt that it is a joke or will turn into reality one day. So, the simple answer is yes, the day will come when we consume solar renewable energy to run e-vehicles, house appliances, to provide electricity to the community and much more. Elon Musk plan for the use of renewable energy will prove a sign for hope in the future to the Australian government in the hour of crisis. Now it is the time to make a plan, execute it to welcome the brighter future.

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