Does Standard Windows Antivirus Guarantee Complete Security?

Millennials are pretty much used to computers that do not offer any built-in security. Microsoft used to release a new operating system every few years. Windows 98 came to Windows XP, which was followed up by Windows 7, Windows 8, and then Windows 10. Until Windows 8, there was no concept for built-in security in a Windows operating system.

That changed when the Windows 10 operating system came out. This time, Windows offered its own built-in security system that performed real-time security checks on the device as well as on all external connections. Offering your own security system is nothing less than a challenge, even for a company as big as Microsoft. With time, we got to know that even the so-called tech-giant fails to offer the right kind of security on its system.

Windows security needs a lot of help in order to protect users from harmful threats; the built-in offering simply is not enough. These include protection from viruses, malware, ransomware, and more.

Here are a few things you need to do in order to guarantee the complete security of your Windows 10 operating system.

#1 – Install an Antivirus App

Windows Real-Time Protection isn’t real-time at all. The built-in security system fails to provide adequate protection against the most serious threats. This is why you need to trust the experts on this and choose a reliable antivirus service to protect your system.

Antivirus products have dedicated teams that work all day and night to keep your device safe from all kinds of threats, staying ahead of the newest zero-day threats especially (whereas Microsoft releases their defender updates monthly). These services are much better at detecting even the most recent threats and eliminating them from your system before they do any harm. This is why we always recommend good antivirus software over Windows Real-Time protection.

#2 – Get a Windows VPN

Once you’re done installing an anti-virus program, it’s time to focus on the security of your online communications. External security is as important as internal security. This is why you need to take extra care of data packets that travel to and from your system. This is where a VPN for Windows comes in.

When we discuss online security with a VPN, we’re not talking about an ordinary proxy service. Rather, we’re referring to the more advanced VPN services that offer robust online privacy and security to the users. These VPNs are handy at accessing inaccessible websites, but they’re even better at guaranteeing your online security.

If you choose a VPN service like PureVPN, you will be able to turn on the end-to-end encryption feature. This feature creates a secure tunnel between your device and the internet. Your online traffic travels through this tunnel and stays clear from all kinds of prying eyes or external threats that want to access the data packets sent from your system.

In short, VPNs are the way to go if you want online security for your device.

#3 – Always Keep Automatic Updates On

Your OS has loopholes in it. So do all the applications installed on your device. Many of these loopholes are still undiscovered. Both hackers and software developers search day and night to find these loopholes. When they’re discovered by the hackers, they take advantage of the loopholes and use them to do some serious malice. Meanwhile, software developers release patches to cover up these vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.

Now we all hate the automatic update option, especially in the case of Windows Update. Though it is totally inconvenient, it is also a necessary step to protect your system. These periodic updates usually come with much-needed security patches that cover up the loopholes in your system. This is why it’s best to keep automatic updates on at all times.

Stay Safe Out There

These steps would help keep your Windows PC secure at all times. With these steps, rest assured that your device will be safe from all external and internal threats to your system.

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