Consider to Add These Tools in Your Mobile App

Many businesses have turned to the apps to gain more customers. If you are running a business, you might consider building the app to engage with your mobile customers. But just like other businesses, it can be challenging to compete out there. The evolution of mobile apps has been pretty significant these recent years. There have been many apps that lost most of their users after a few weeks or months of launch. It could also happen to your app if you don’t know what it takes to make your app looks more promising. Here are the tools you could add to your app to make your users use it routinely.

Rewards, bonus, coupons, and other offers

Users will be more engaged with an effective loyalty scheme. One of the most common elements is the token of the user’s loyalty. The level of the system will depend on your decisions. Make sure that you use the most trending loyalty scheme so that the users will open up your app more.

The membership levels

Besides the offers we mentioned above, the app should also have membership levels. Each level grants the users more features and offers.

Social media login

Most users don’t want to waste their time to register and build their profile in the new app. Probably, it is the reason why many users uninstall the app. As you integrate social media with the app,  they need to conduct one-trap entrance with their social media account.

Hear their opinion

It is essential to hear the voices of your customers. Only that way, you will know whether your business has been satisfactory to them or not. Putting the feedback section will be a great idea. The customers can mark any product or service. After they leave the feedback and comments, you will know if there is any room for improvement. It is also viable to create a one-on-one conversation with some customers. But you don’t have to hire social customer support for this purpose. Chatbots tools can replace some roles. With these, you could save an enormous amount of money while running your business.

The Geolocator

Whether it is geolocation or geo trigger, both of them are the best way to encourage the customers to come to your store when they are nearby. The service will work when the users are nearby one of your brick-and-mortar store. The app will send sort of notification to tell them that they are nearby the store. You can also specify the notifications based on the area where they conduct the shopping.

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