Car Trips, Vegan Tours and Camping: 7 Travel Trends in 2021

The coronavirus pandemic has affected almost every country in the world and areas of our lives, including tourism. However, this doesn’t mean that we will no longer travel – it means that we will travel in a different way.

Road trips in a rental car, family journeys, camping, wellness, and vegan tours: we have collected the latest travel trends that will be popular in 2021.

Vegan trips

Gastronomic trips are gaining momentum, including traveling to city’s vegan establishments, farm trips and plant-based retreats. It’s enough to google “Vegan Travel” and a new world will open to you. 

In fact, there’s no single format for such travel option, and everyone can find something interesting for themselves. Sometimes in vegan trips you can meet local non-profit organizations that do something good for the locals and the environment. However, most often this way of traveling only focuses on the gastronomic experience.

Not sure where to go for such a trip? Los Angeles, London, New York, Honolulu and San Francisco are some of the most popular cities for vegan journeys.


Domestic trips

What could be better than jumping into a car and driving to the sea, to the mountains or a beautiful town nearby, where you haven’t been before? Even if you don’t have personal transport, you can rent a car wherever you need it. The idea is cool from all sides – it’s fun, cheap and environmentally friendly travel option. Plus, traveling by car around your home country is a good way to support the local economy, and especially small and family businesses.

If you want to add more spontaneity to your trip, then don’t plan it in advance, but go wherever you want at the moment.

Wellness travel

Wellness traveling is a trip primarily aimed at improving your health. Such rest will be very useful if you feel that immune system has weakened and you can’t relax or refresh your mind in a usual way.

There are tons of ways to relieve stress and improve your health while traveling. You can grab car rental and go to the seaside, have a trip to the healing springs, try yoga retreats, and much more. Of course, it’s not necessary to travel abroad for this, since there are probably suitable options in the country where you live.


Big family journeys

After long months of self-isolation, even introverts are fed up with social distancing. We all yearned for live communication with relatives and friends. That’s why it’s time to organize a big family trip. 

Pick up 10 passenger van rental and enjoy a tour of the USA national parks, or have a road trip to any other interesting destination. With a large car, you will have multiple choices of destinations where to go and what to see. As a bonus, you will spend an unforgettable time with your dearest people.


Camping or glamping

Camping in tents is an excellent alternative to hotel accommodation in a big city. Firstly, it’s cheap, secondly, it’s environmentally friendly, and thirdly, it will allow you to gain new experience.

Indeed, you can rent a car or a recreational vehicle and drive to some wild place with camping sites. For example, the Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon and Yellowstone National Park are among very attractive options.

If you are used to the amenities, then find some glamping spots to spend time there. What is glamping? It’s a combination of exotic or wild places along with luxurious conditions to stay there.


Secluded escape

Analysis of Google queries shows that more and more travelers around the world are ready to relax in remote and even isolated places with care for nature and maintaining a safe distance.

However, you’ll find beautiful places without crowds of tourists not only in the middle of the Pacific Ocean and in the jungles of Indonesia. A trip to the forest or a remote beach can be also great ways to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.


Eco-friendly travel

Fortunately, people start thinking about nature and ecology. Now travelers count every flight and the carbon footprint of an airplane. Therefore, more and more people are choosing ground transportation options, as they pollute the nature less.

Traveling by rental car or by train is a great way to do your part in keeping up the eco-friendly trend. In turn, this generates more interest in domestic tourism, where residents don’t leave their country to relax and see something new.

As you can see, travel trends in 2021 clearly show that this is a special year for domestic trips, if only because many borders are still closed. However, while travels have changed a lot, there are still many ways to relax, see new places, and reboot your mind. Use this time to get to know your motherland better, but don’t forget to observe safety measures in your trip.


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