Best Websites to Learn Free Coding

Online improvements and innovative progressions have made it essential for us to adopt new skills. Regardless of whether you’re not in the web development field, figuring out how to code can enable you to improve your business plan just as other business skills such as rational reasoning and critical thinking. Coding will help you to become a much better entrepreneur. Coding is for everyone; whether you want to build your own app or design your website. Coding is very important for a designer however, it in today’s digital age, it has become a useful skill to learn.

Here are some websites that will give you coding lessons for free:

  1. Code Avengers:

They are an online digital technology education service in New Zealand. Their team consists of talented school teachers, software developers, designers, and marketers working to create the best learning platform available. They are available in multiple languages. They are in various states and foreign countries. It has different learning levels according to the expertise of students i.e., juniors, pros and code camps.

  1. Code Academy:

Code Academy is a free coding website that is available in 12 different languages. Millions of people learn how to code free through this site. They provide certificates on completion of the courses. Code academy tales care of all the work setup for you and shows the results as you’re coding.

  1. GitHub:

This site works in 80 programming languages. It has more than 3.5 million users. It is an excellent place to learn free coding because they have numerous projects and a large amount of open source code. More than 300,000 covers use GitHub.

  1. Khan Academy:

It is one of the best sites for free coding. Learners can work on their own pace with the guidance of experts. They have personalized learning resources. You can learn JavaScript and algorithms.

  1. edX:

edX offers college-level courses. They are divided into three levels of Introductory, Intermediate and Advanced. They have a wide range of topics. Many people have learned to code from this educational site. This massive online institute can help you learn coding like a pro. It is more suitable for professional coders than beginners.

  1. W3Schools:

This site also offers a wide range of courses including HTML and CSS. All the courses are free and provide useful tools. They have tutorials for beginners as well as advanced users. This is a great website for beginners as it offer step by step tutorials and guides on how to start coding. If you have no idea what coding is then give this website a try.

Figure out which website best suits your needs and learn to become a coder now!


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